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We'll guide you through the entire process and ensure that you are comfortable at every step, from locating your new neighborhood to settlement day. We have the resources and partnerships to ensure a smooth transaction.

​We help you make your best, informed decisions! Ready to get started? Email us now! 

Six Reasons to Choose Concierge


1. You get commitment! We are a team of professional, full time realtors. We have the expertise to do it right, the resources to maximize the market forces and the tools to do it all quickly and professionally. We adhere to the strict Realtor Code of Ethics so you can absolutely expect an honest and ethical transaction. 

2. We know how to get your property ready. Knowing the difference between what must, should or could be improved before going on the market makes all the difference in how fast a property sells and for how much. And we have the resources to connect you to contractors, stagers, photographers, movers - we've got people!

3. Pricing is scary but we're in the trenches every day. We know your competition and how to analyze the data. We tour homes, drive neighborhoods and review market statistics daily. Our job is to know a home's financial potential without the emotional fluff so you can make an educated decision.

4. Marketing makes a huge difference but costs money and takes a lot of time, connections and creativity. We utilize the latest photography and upscale staging to ensure your home looks fabulous in print and online. We use national and international advertising programs and the best marketing includes networking with other agents, creating the buzz about your property and driving the sale.

5. Negotiating the contract is where a novice can really falter and lose not just some cash but the entire deal. Strong negotiation skills are key to motivating a buyer, reversing the objections and dealing with the tough questions. 

6. The contracts in the DC Metro market are over 100 pages! Appraisals, inspections, lead certifications and timelines are just some of the hurdles we manage for you. We are dedicated to getting you to the finish line happy with your new home, pleased with us, and financially healthy.​​